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About ZIKA

Company history

ZIKA was founded in 1950. Starting out as a Stick Electrodes Manufacturer, ZIKA has become a global one stop shop for affordable high quality arc welding electrodes and welding wires. With major customers in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, ZIKA can supply a huge variety of products faster and for less than the largest manufacturers.
ZIKA invests significantly in the development of advanced solutions for new and challenging applications. Every item we produce meets the most rigorous global standards for quality, consistency and performance. ZIKA products get the job done better, faster and – for less.That’s why ZIKA is the choice of so many companies in more than 35 countries around the world.


Our ability to supply a wide range of products with exceptional delivery times and reliability has positioned ZIKA as the specialist  provider of welding & cutting supplies. Our products deliver top quality performance without long order cycles and the higher prices  that others demand. That’s why ZIKA is the choice for leading companies involved in:

• Shipyards and marine equipment manufacturing and repair
• Container manufacturing and repair
• Construction & infrastructure contractors
• Heavy duty machinery manufacturing and repair
• Automotive production and repair
• Waste management
• Steel construction
• Heavy industry
• Defense contractors
• Petrochemical, oil and gas industry.

A Comprehensive Selection of Products

We offer a full range of mild and medium carbon steel electrodes, low alloy steel, stainless steel, hard facing and non-ferrous electrodes. ZIKA can usually fill orders faster than even the largest companies because we maintain extensive inventories. We currently work with more than 35 countries worldwide, enabling us to quickly process and ship your order so you never have to stop working.


In today’s competitive global markets, companies are looking for the right combination of price, quality and supply times. The largest manufacturers cannot compete with ZIKA when it comes to fast delivery and lower costs. Some low cost manufacturers may save a company money upfront, but their products usually cost more in the long term because they cannot deliver the quality welds that ZIKA can.

It all begins with Quality

When lives are at stake, industry can’t afford to deliver welded products that are second best. That’s why they depend on ZIKA. All of our electrode rods and wires products meet the highest industry standards including EN ISO 9001: 2008 , IQnet and CE; American AWS and the EN. We also conform to the strictest international standards commissions such as: BV, LR, GL, ABS, TUV and others. Our R&D and production facilities meet  ISO 9001 and other relevant standards for quality processes.

ZIKA has always led the way when it comes to improving quality. The company was one of the first to produce a QA manual and Quality System Certificate. These certificates and approvals which we are able to offer, are both a guarantee for our clients and proof that every product meets the most demanding specifications. ZIKA is proud to be recognized for our quality commitment, a commitment to you.




Zika manufacture is certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001: 2008, IQnet and CE Approvals. Among our wide range of products you can find the full range of mild and medium carbon steel electrodeslow alloy steel, stainless steel, hard facing, non ferrous.

Unique Strategy

The heart of the plant, the R&D Department, is dedicated to improving existing products and to researching and developing new products that meet customer needs and according to the International Standards.

Our sales team representing ZIKA consists of highly qualified sales engineers and sales assistants. Our task is to assist our customers to define the optimal economical-technical solution for their overlaying problem. We are your representative within the company to offer the best service in collaboration with our R&D, Production, Quality Management and Logistics department.

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The variety of ZIKA’s products are used for a wide range of purposes-from welding wire to thickly coated electrode for general purposes, through special electrode suitable for workings used in nuclear reactors, petrochemical industry, gas & oil industry and heavy industry.



At the heart of the ZIKA success story is constant innovation. Whether we are working to improve existing products or developing new electrodes to meet the evolving needs of industry, ZIKA invests heavily in R & D. From advanced labs, specialized design and the latest manufacturing capability, ZIKA creates high quality products for the most intricate and demanding welding applications.


In fact, our customers regularly turn to us with specific requests which our R & D team transform into high performance products. That’s why the ZIKA brand has grown so significantly worldwide.

Our highly skilled staff includes engineers, technicians and management, using state-of-the-art metallurgical and chemical laboratories. Our goals – constant product enhancement and new product development.

That’s how we build lasting partnership with customers in our effort to become the premier and preferred supplier of welding and cutting products.

As the result of decades of hard work, we have gained expertise in every step of product design, development and production. We find and source the best raw materials, no matter how difficult and sometimes unique. Then we carefully engineer quality products.


Our highly skilled staff of engineers, technicians and management, using our state-of-the-art metallurgical and chemical laboratories, are available to serve, support and advise our customers. The ZIKA  technical department offers technical support to every client – finding better ways to achieve your goals.

We focus on industry trends and changes so that our customers remain more competitive, increasing ROI. ZIKA offers MSDS and test certification for electrodes as well as detailed chemical analysis, fume analysis and other critical services.

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Customer Service

Customer Service

We provide services for our customers worldwide, including leading companies in their field, who have come to value ZIKA quality products, fast delivery and reliability. Our goal is to give the best buying experience and offer our customers a full products packages.

At ZIKA, rather than selling products, we focus on working closely and supporting every customer to create mutually rewarding long term relationships.
We understand our customer’s needs and provide the right product for every job.
Sometimes, that means creating new products for unique applications.

Because we work in a specialized industry, we need to be able to offer a technical support. That’s why every customer agent is a qualified engineer with years of welding experience. Many started on the line, working with a wide variety of metals and welding equipment. They bring an unparalleled range of real world knowledge and experience.

Your sales engineer is also your direct link to the extensive R & D, planning, manufacturing, logistics and QA capability that ZIKA can offer. They have extensive industry knowledge, experience and want to be your partner in success.

Once an order has been placed, ZIKA uses advanced ERP systems to enable even the most specialized orders to be delivered quickly and efficiently, with the quality you would expect from a world leader.

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