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“quality, selection, reliability, fast delivery and affordable prices”

  1. 1.so many solutions for so many industries

    Our ability to supply a wide range of products with exceptional delivery times and reliability has positioned ZIKA as the specialist provider of welding & cutting supplies. Our products deliver top quality performance without long order cycles and the higher prices that others demand.

  2. 2.a comprehensive selection of products

    Zika offers a full range of products for industrial needs: stick electrodes, welding wires, TIG welding, Sub-merged ARC, soldering, welding & cutting machines, welding accessories and personal protection equipment.

  3. 3.unique competitive edge

    in today’s competitive global markets, companies are looking for the right combination of price, quality and supply times. The largest manufacturers may save a company money upfront, but their products usually cost more in the long term because they cannot deliver the quality that ZIKA can.

  4. 4.worldwide distribution

    We currently work with more than 25 countries worldwide, enabling us to quickly process and ship your order so you never have to stop working.

  5. 5.it always begins with quality

    ZIKA has always led the way when it comes to improving quality. The company was one of the first produce a QA manual and Quality System Certificate. These certificated and approvals which we are able to offer, are both a guarantee for our clients and proof that every product meets the most demanding specifications. ZIKA is proud to be recognized for our quality commitment, a commitment to you.

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