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Stick Electrodes

Mild & Medium Carbon Steel, Rutile

Cellulosic-coated welding electrodes are used when high welding velocity, deep penetration and possibility of welding in all positions are required. The main applications of cellulosic welding electrodes are welding and repairing of water pipelines. Cellulosic welding electrodes are featured with the ability of welding in vertical down position without “sticking”, easy striking and re-striking of arc, good slag detachability and the possibility of welding on same regime in all positions. The drawbacks are high hydrogen content, non-metallic inclusions in the weld metal and relatively low impact energy values. It is absolutely forbidden to dry cellulosic welding electrodes after baking, thus the best practice is to discard electrodes that have been exposed to particularly hot or dry conditions or left under direct sunlight.