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Welding Accessories

Welding accessories are different parts, which are used in order to a make a welding process more useful, versatile and attractive. In the concept of welding, the scope of accessories is very wide. Welding accessories include both consumable and non-consumable products required to perform a particular welding task, For example :
 Welding gloves, aprons and helmets, dust masks, extraction systems and other safety equipment
 Chipping hammers and wire brushes
 Gas nozzles and contact tips for MIG/MAG welding
 Tungsten rods for TIG/GTAW welding
 Abrasive discs for angle grinders
 Electrodes for resistance spot welding
 Angle grinders
 Electrode drying ovens
 Back-purging equipment
 Preheating equipment and heat protection mats
 Ceramic backing materials
 Work tables, jigs and fixtures
 Resistance welding electrode dressing tools
 Tools for changing resistance welding electrodes
 Load cells for setting / controlling resistance welding equipment
 Trail shields and purging cups
Safety recommendation:
The operator must protect eyes and skin from radiation from the arc. A welding helmet with a suitable welding lens should be used as well as dark clothing, preferable wool, to protect the skin. Additional information on eye protection and ventilation is given in ANSI Z49.1, Safety on Welding and Cutting published by AWS.