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Low Manganese Electrodes Line

ZIKA-4 LMn E-7018 Low Manganese Emission


AWS A5.1: E 7018 H4R

EN ISO 2560-A: E 46 3 B 4 2 H5


Basic coated electrode Zika 7018 LMn has following features combination: low manganese emission fume, low moisture absorbance and low hydrogen basic coating. Zika 7018 LMn is reliable and high quality welding electrode, particularly suitable for welding of high strength low-alloy steels. Unique flux composition supplies weld metal with significantly lowered manganese content and therefore dramatically decreases the manganese emission in welding fume. This helps to meet requirements of environment regulation.

Zika E6013 LMn


Welding of general structural steels, fine-grained steels, boilerplates, pipe steels, and shipbuilding plates.

Coating Type: Basic
Welding Current: DC+
Welding Positions: all, besides vertical down

Typical Chemical Compositions of All-Weld Metal (wt-%)

Fe S P B Cr Ni Si Mn C
.bal 0.02> 0.025> 0.001> 0.15 0.25 0.4 0.7 0.06

Typical Mechanical Properties of All-Weld Metal

Yield Point (MPa) UTS (MPa) Elongation (%) Impact Energy @-30Cº
520 580 27 136

Hydrogen Content: <4 ml/100 gr acc. to AWS method
Supplied in Vacuum pack, moisture absorbance by coating bellow 0.4 wt-% during 9 hours exposure to 80 %RH at 27 Cº.

Welding parameters

Diameter (mm) Electrode length (mm) Current (A)
2.5 350 60-110
3.2 350 90-120
4.0 450 120-180