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         Founded  in 1950,  Zika Industries is  Israel’s  sole  welding manufacturer,  and  is  a leading

         worldwide manufacturer of electrodes and welding wires that fully comply with the strictest
         international  standards for industries around the globe.  Zika  is also  the only welding

         manufacturer that has been awarded product certification from the Standards Institution
         of Israel.

         MANUFACTURING PROCESSES                               ZIKA’S PRODUCTS

         All Zika manufacturing processes are ISO 9001:2008 and CE   Zika products are renowned worldwide thanks to their excellent
         certified.  zika  is  supervised  and  approved  by  the  Standards   quality and unique formulas that have been developed by the
         Institution of Israe (SII) and TUV. Zika specializes in developing   Zika research and development teams. The Zika QA division is
         and  producing  a broad  spectrum  of electrodes for welding   also internationally known thanks to its strict quality control
         carbon  steel,  low-hydrogen steel,  low-alloy steel,  stainless   and  assurance procedures  and processes.  The company’s
         steel, hardface coatings, nickel and copper alloy, iron castings,   products  suit  a  large  variety  of  welding  requirements,  from
         and more. Zika also produces welding rods and welding wires   electrodes and wires for welding in general, to special electrodes
         for MIG welding.                                      for specific  tailor-made solutions,  including nuclear reactors,
                                                               the petrochemical, gas and oil industries, and shipping.

         ZIKA R&D

         The Zika research and development team is the heart of the company, and is dedicated to improving existing products while developing
         and manufacturing new, innovative products that comply with the strictest international standards. The teams’ highly experienced
         engineers, technicians, managers and production workers are complemented by our state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment.
         Customers receive continuous service, support and consultations, as well as innovative and reliable products that meet their needs.
         In addition to complying with the strictest international standards such as the AWS and ISO EN the company is supervised by 3rd
         parties such as GL, LR, BV, TUV, and ABS. Zika customers include shipyards, equipment manufacturers, tanker and pressure tank
         manufacturers, heavy engineering equipment manufacturers, waste management companies, constructions companies, security
         industries, electric and energy companies, and the gas, oil and petrochemical industry.
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