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Customer Service

“We services our customers worldwide, including leading companies in
their field, who have come to value ZIKA quality products, fast delivery
and reliability. Our goal is to give the best buying experience and offer our
customer's with a full products packages.”

At ZIKA, rather than selling products, we focus on working closely and supporting
every customer to create mutually rewarding long term relationships.
We understand our customer’s needs and provide the right product for
every job.
Sometimes, that means creating new products for unique applications.
Once an order has been placed, ZIKA uses advanced ERP systems to enable
even the most specialized orders to be delivered quickly and efficiently,
with the quality you would expect from a world leader.


At the heart of the ZIKA success story is constant innovation. Whether we
are working to improve existing products or developing new electrodes to
meet the evolving needs of industry, ZIKA invests heavily in R & D. From
advanced labs, specialized design and the latest manufacturing capability,
ZIKA creates high quality products for the most intricate and demanding
welding applications.
In fact, our customers regularly turn to us with specific requests which our
R & D team transform into high performance products. That’s why the
ZIKA brand has grown so significantly worldwide.
Our highly skilled staff includes engineers, technicians and management,
using state-of-the-art metallurgical and chemical laboratories. Our goals
– constant product enhancement and new product development.
As the result of decades of hard work, we have gained expertise in every
step of product design, development and production. We find and source
the best raw materials, no matter how difficult and sometimes unique.
Then we carefully engineer quality products.

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