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    Portable, Powerful
    And Professional

 	 A single phase 200 amp welding machine.
 	 A professional welding machine with convenient dimensions for carrying.
   Comes in a rigid carrying case that is particularly durable, combining
   maximum convenience in carrying.
 	 The box protects the welding machine so that during storage too, the
   machine is protected from dust and blows and is optimally stored.
 	 The welding machine is intended for operation with a 25 amp electrical fuse.
 	 The perfect welding machine for welders who conduct continuous welding
   work using electrodes of up to 4.0mm size in the field of maintenance, pipe
   and general joining jobs.
 	 Allows for welding using a Z-610 electrode for quality pipe welds and
   aluminum welds using a Z-2805 / Z-2812 electrode.
 	 Full protection from overloads.

 	 May work with a generator of 10KVA output.

 	 I-200C welding machine.
 	 Lined rigid case for protecting the machine.
 	25mm2 cross section welding cable, 3m length & 200 amp electrode holder.
 	25mm2 section earth cable, 3m length & Earth connection handle.
 	 2 meter standard power cable and standard plug.

Input voltage (V)                 220±15% 50/60HZ
Required fuse (A)                           25
Current range (A)
Current at 60% efficiency (A)            30-200
Work with generator                        200
Weight (kg)                                  +
Open circuit voltage (V)                     8
Dimensions – mm (l/w/h)                     70


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