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I-DC 400

    Three Phase 400 Amp
    Industrial Welding Machine

 	 An IGBT technology powerful industrial welding machine.
 	 A three phase industrial welding machine for continuous, intensive work
   for all welding and cutting types using electrodes.
 	 A high power industrial welder designed for welding cutting jobs in the
   field of construction, piping, maintenance and general joining requiring
   continuous, intensive welding work using electrodes of up to 6mm diameter.
 	 ARC FORCE selector – giving a great advantage in integrating
   convenience and increased penetration power during the welding work.
 	 Digital display for convenient, precise adjustment of current.
 	 HOT START – a property that allows for rapid, easy ignition of electrodes.
 	 Open phase, low voltage, excess voltage / current and overheating protection

 	 I-DC 400 welding machine.
 	35mm2 cross section welding and earth cable , 3m length.
 	 400 amp electrode holder and earth connection handle.
 	 Standard power cable and standard approved 3 phase type plug.
 	 Option for remote control, for remote operation and welding power adjustment.

Input voltage (V)                  380±15% 50/60HZ
Required fuse (A)                          25×3
Current range (A)                         40-400
Current at 60% efficiency (A)               400
Work with generator                           +
Weight (kg)                                  25
Open circuit voltage (V)                     68
Dimensions – mm (l/w/h)

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