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I-TIG 200 DC2


STAINLESS STEEL TIG welding machine

  • Welding machine for welding using electrodes up to 3.25 mm diameter.
  • Welding machine for welding with argon gas backing.


The machine has an option for welding using two welding methods:

1. Welding machine for welding using electrodes The welding machine has a set of welding cables enclosed, including a handle for welding to an electrode and earth connection handle. Allows for welding work with electrodes of up to 3.25 mm diameter. 2. Machine for welding with argon gas backing. Ideal for welding jobs with argon gas backing, for steels and stainless steel. An argon welding handle is enclosed with the machine. May work with direct current – DC, for steels and stainless steel from 0.3 mm to a 4 mm material thickness.

  Particularly suitable for: Joining parts made of non-ferrous metals. Shaping and repairing parts made of non-ferrous metals. Welding of tanks and pipes made of special metals. Full protection against overload. An 12 Kva output generator may be used for working.

Advantages of the machine

  • Lightweight and convenient to carry, Rigidity, durability and warranty.
  • A rigid, IP21 rated dustproof case for use in outdoor conditions.
  • Very strong and effective ventilation system.
  • Professional and technical consultation of welding experts.
  • 12 months of comprehensive warranty from Zika Group Ltd.

Set specification

  • I-TIG 200 DC welding machine.
  • Spare parts:Rear dome, tungsten electrode, ceramic spout, clasp and clasp housing.

* Argon welding requires procurement of an argon gas cylinder and argon regulator.

Technical specification

Input voltage  220±15% 50/60HZ
No load voltage 56
Required fuse 16×3A
Current range 10-200
Current at 60% efficiency 200
Work with generator +
Weight with feeder 9
Rated output current (A) MMA/TIG 28/18
Dimensions – mm (l/w/h) 395x153x301