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An electrode for gouging and joint preparation. Suitable in all positions. Effective for all type of metals: mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nickel base alloys, aluminum alloys, armor steel, air harden able steels, hard metals and difficult to machine steels.

The surface is clean after the gouging.


  • Grooving and beveling.
  • Removal of unwanted or faulty weldings.
  • Opening cracks for repair welding.
  • Release of temporary welds.

Cutting Electrode


  • Ignite, hold the electrode in low angle and push it quickly forward, the metal will melts quickly and thrown out.
  • In order to do deep grooves repeat the action.



Diameter Length  Current [amps]
in mm in mm
3/32 2.50 14 350 120 Min.
1/8 3.25 14 350 170 Min.
5/32 4.0 14 350 190 Min.
3/16 5.0 14 350 275 Min.