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Electrodes for cutting and piercing. Usable in all positions. Effective for all types of metals: mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nickel base alloys, aluminum alloys, armor steels, hard metals and difficult to machine steels.


  • Cutting metal sheet and pipes.
  • Piercing metal sheet and pipes.

Cutting Electrode


  • Ignite, hold the electrode in low angle and push it quickly forward, the metal will melts quickly and thrown out.
  • In order to do deep grooves repeat the action.


Diameter Length  Current [amps]
in mm in mm
3/32 2.50 14 350 120 Min.
1/8 3.25 14 350 170 Min.
5/32 4.0 14 350 190 Min.
3/16 5.0 14 350 275 Min.