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Single Phase
EZ 140

EZ 140S

Professional – Ergonomic Design – Digital Display

Description and implementation:

  • Inverter suitable for work with fuse/power plug of 16 amperes.
  • The weight of the machine is only 2.6 kg, which provides unmatched mobility and comfort.
  • Ideal for welding works and general maintenance, with high reliability.
  • Allows welding work for a variety of jobs.

Zika EZ-140

Machine Benefits:

  • Digital display to view welding current for precise work.
  • Non-stick and easy ignition functions.
  • Easy to carry with toughness, durability and warranty.
  • Size – smaller than A4 sheet – storage space savings.
  • A set of welding cables with a quality welding torch, grounding clamp, and a slag cleaning hammer/brush.
  • Optimal for welding of iron, stainless steel, castings, brass, galvanized.
  • The machine has a special circuit that protects against voltage irregularities and enables working with a 4 KVA generator.
  • Professional and technical consultation of welding experts.
  • 12 months total warranty of Zika Group Ltd.

Kit Specifications:

  • Inverter EZ-140.
  • Welding cable at a cross section of 16 square millimeters.
  • Welding torch rating of 200-ampere.
  • Ground clamp rating of 200 ampere.
  • Welding cables at a cross section of 16 square meters.
  • Standard 2-meter feeder cable and standard EU plug.
  • Slag cleaning hammer/brush.
Input voltage Max current consumption from the grid No-Load Voltage Maximum Welding Current Weight Working with generator Dimensions (L x W x H)
230V 16A 45V 140A 2.6Kg + 215x187x105