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Semi automatic MIG Welding machine using coils and electrodes WITH advanced IGBT technology (Internal feeder)

  • This MIG 300-GD welding machine applies the most advanced inversion technology in the world.
  • Has a unique electronic system that controls the short circuit current of the welding circuit, and mixed feed, as well as the uniformity of the wire, which leads to more effective use of equipment.
  • Welding equipment meets all international requirements and uses the most advanced technology in the world.

Description and Application

The principle of inversion is to transform the power frequency of 50Hz/60Hz in to direct current and invertit in to high frequency (24KHz) through high-power device  IGBT, then perform voltage-drop and commutation with the output high-power D.C power supply via Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). Since the switch power inversion technology is adopted, the weight and volume decrease greatly while the conversion efficiency increase o fmore than 30%. Additional to MIG, the machine added MMA function.It adopts full digital panel display,which can realize synergic adjustmen to ffeedings peed and welding voltage as well to regulate the welding parameters easily. Our CO2 gas shielded welding machine is equipped with unique electronic reactor circuit, which can precisely control the short-circuiting transfer and mixed transfer resulted in better performance than other machines. Compared with silicon controlled welding machineand tapped welding, our products have the following advantages:

  • stable wire feed rate.
  • portable.
  • energy-saving.
  • electromagnetic noise free.

Besides, our products spatterless, easier arc starting, deep welding pool, high duty cycle etc. With high-efficiency and electrical-saving advantage,this equipment is applicable for both multi-metal and mutli-technology required welding.  

Advantages of the machine

  • Digital display for convenient, precise adjustment of current and speed of welding and control, synergic control.
  • With three-proof design, protect -against dust, wind erosion and dampness for electric components.
  • Brand-new outlook design, simple and elegant, with build-in wire feeder, with gas cylinder runner.
  • Works using the most advanced IGBT technology.
  • Lightweight and convenient portability.
  • Wire feeder is driven by single chip microcomputer.
  • Rigidity, durability and warranty.
  • With EMC, wide range for input voltage, can work with power generator.
  • Output polarity reversion.
  • Designed for welding using continuous coils, a filled wire and electrodes.
  • Enlarged Torch Holder for Accessories and Personal Staff.
  • Big Wheels, 10 mm above ground.
  • Wonderful Container for the Storage of Accessory & Gears.
  • Excellent High Blocks & Locker Connectors to Keep the Cylinder from Falling Down.
  • Very durable wire feeder with four feed wheels.
  • Option for easy inversion of welding polarity.
  • Professional and technical consultation of welding experts.
  • 12 months of comprehensive warranty from Zika Group Ltd.

Set specification

  • MIG 300GD welding machine using IGBT technology.
  • Quality welding handle that has all required components.
  • Earth cable and matching handle.
  • Pressure regulator for CO2 gas + electrical heater for preventing freezing at gas outlet.
  • Standard power cable and standard approved Israeli type three phase plug.

Technical specification

Input voltage Output voltage Required fuseCurrent range Current at 30% efficiency
Work with generator
Open circuit voltage
Dimensions – mm (l/w/h)
380±15% 50/60HZ

MMA: 21.6-32  MIG: 16.5-26.5V

16×3AMMA: 40-300A MIG: 45-300A300A+6060Kg595×275×520